About GoGolf

Look no further. The all-new GoGolf programme is all a golfer and anyone who wants to play golf ever need.

The programme has been designed to introduce new golf enthusiast to the game and existing golfers & club members to enjoy more benefits, privileges and rewards.

Through the GoGolf programme, golfers will enjoy a whole new experience by giving golfers more access to more courses nationwide, plus enjoy more benefits and rewards.


GoGolf is a project by the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) aimed at growing the interest and the awareness for the game.

It is about making golf more accessible to those who are keen to pick up the game.

The GoGolf project brings together the collaboration of the Association, its member clubs, Strategic Alliance partners, media and key industry partners to work in unison, to help grow the appeal and interest in the game.


#1: To establish a platform that would enable MGA and its Affiliate members (Member Clubs) to grow and consolidate the golfing community at large; to engage, develop and create new opportunities for the game.

#2: Value creation for the golf industry in Malaysia from the Member Clubs to state-level stakeholders.

#3: To lower the barrier of entry to the game by converting and growing new and the next generation of golfers, through extending MGA’s Associate membership to the masses.

#4: To develop new and young golfers to be future champions.


In Phase One: The GoGolf membership allows golfers access to the GoGolf platform for NHS information and real time golf bookings, along with a whole host of benefit and features that compliments and enhances the golfing experience.

In Subsequent Phases: As other phases roll out in the future, more improvements will be introduced to enhance the total golf experience.

Eventually, the GoGolf programme will extend its offering to include e-Commerce Online shopping, access to Golf Club facilities, loyalty rewards & incentives and many more benefits for its members.

About GoGolf

GoGolf is a project by the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) aimed at growing the interest and the awareness for the game.

GoGolf Programme

Now with your MGA Associate membership with the GoGolf package, you have access to all 129 MGA member clubs on-request...

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