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Basics about GoGolf

Who owns and runs GoGolf programme?

GoGolf is a programme by the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) and is owned by the MGA. Find out more about the GoGolf programme here.

I noticed alot of different parties involved in GoGolf, who are they?

MGA's GoGolf programme comprises a consortium of partners. They all work with the MGA to deliver the GoGolf programme.

Why introduce the GoGolf programme?

The GoGolf package activates the MGA Associate Membership allowing golfers access to golf handicap (the NHS). With the New GoGolf package we have added more benefits and privileges for golfers to enjoy the Game.

What am I buying here - should I choose to sign-up? A prepaid card?

You’re signing up for a GoGolf package which activates the MGA Associate Membership. The package comprises:
  • MGA Associate Membership with an Instant 6-mth provisional golf handicap. (Which you can convert to a full status golf handicap)
  • Bundled with MGA Golf Insurance.
  • Includes a GoGolf Money Visa Prepaid card.
  • Access to play at (more and) all participating GoGolf Golf Clubs.
  • Access to the GoGolf Online Golf Booking on Mobile App and via Online (Web).
  • Membership on the GoGolf eCommerce portal.
  • A range of Associate Membership / GoGolf benefits, privileges & rewards.

What is changing with the golf handicap / NHS?

MGA is upgrading its current NHS system to go electronic, i.e. paperless in the near future. The upgraded NHS system is all part of the modernisation exercise & future-proofing initiative. In due time, your golf handicap will be accessible on GoGolf Mobile app. You will be given the option to submit your scorecards via mobile app.

Why should I consider the GoGolf package?

GoGolf gives you access to more Golf Clubs, bundled with golf insurance and many more benefits & incentives when you sign up.

Especially for non-NHS or golfers without a valid golf handicap, this is the only programme that gives you an Instant 6-month provisional golf handicap.

How long will the project take place?

The GoGolf programme is an on-going initiative, to bring more golfers and younger golfers into the game. We want to see more people enjoy the game of Golf, and you can be part of it!

GoGolf participating clubs & rates

With GoGolf, how many clubs do I have access to?

You have access to play at all the GoGolf participating clubs. As of April 2017, there are a total 50+ clubs that you're able to book online, while the remaining 70-odd clubs (of the 129 MGA Affiliated Clubs) you may make your request directly with MGA.

What kind of green fees am I expected to pay?

The general rule of thumb is a GoGolf member should be paying an MGA Special rate green fees. The rates may vary, but generally you should be paying below the Walk-in and/or Guest Rates.

Watch out for our on-going offers as we will be offering regular green fee reductions and subsidies throughout the year.

Where can I find the list of clubs in the GoGolf programme?

You may view the list of clubs here. But do visit our GoGolf web site regularly, as we are constantly updating the new clubs that have signed up, and their on-going offers.

GoGolf Membership FAQs

When I apply & register online, how long does it take for me to receive my new card?

New GoGolf applications will take an average of 7 to 14-days to process. You will also be issued a login username and password, which allows you to access the GoGolf Online Booking and mobile app.

How do I get my new GoGolf card?

Your GoGolf Prepaid cards will be sent to your Nominated Club and you may pick it up from there.

We suggest that your choice of Nominated Club should be one that you frequent regularly - as your golf handicap card will also be delivered to the same club.

Why is the selection of Nominated Club so important?

The Nominated Club (or Home club) will be the club processing your score cards for your NHS golf handicap. It is recommended you submit your score cards at your nominated club.

Your golf handicap card will be sent to your Nominated club every month.

Instant 6-month Provisional Handicap

Who is issuing this Provisional handicap?

The Instant 6-month provisional handicap is officially issued by the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA).

Don't get caught without your valid golf handicap. Additionally, with your golf handicap you are now able to participate in State-level tournaments.

How do I obtain my full golf handicap status?

As a new NHS golfer, you can now submit your scorecards to your nominated (home) club. Submit up to 20 scorecards, and your golf handicap will be tabulated. Afterwhich, you can activate your RM300 discount from the GoGolf Fast Track Teaching Pro to obtain your certification for your full golf handicap status.

What happens when you play in a Members or Commercial Club, and they insist on your golf handicap?

With GoGolf you will have access to more Golf Clubs with your 6-month provisional golf handicap. Even Members and Commercial Clubs - now & in future.

Why consider the Zurich - MGA Golf Insurance?

What do I get with the insurance?

You get a lot more with MGA Golf Insurance bundled with every GoGolf Prepaid card.
  • High Personal Liability coverage - up to RM1 mil. Year-on-year increments up to RM4 mil.
  • Overseas Cover - Double indemnity for Accidental Death/ Permanent Disablement.
  • Golf Green Fee Protection - Max RM1k per incident, max up to RM3k per insured period.
  • PA - Accident Death (Within Malaysia RM200k, Outside Malaysia RM400k)
  • PA - Permanent Disablement (Within Malaysia RM200k, Outside Malaysia RM400k)
  • Accidental Daily Hospital Income - up to RM1k.
  • Accident Medical Expenses - up to RM100/day.
  • Clubs/ Equipment - up to RM5k.
  • Personal Effects - up to RM500.
  • Hole-in-One Indemnity - Zurich Interclub (RM4.5k), non-Zurich Interclub (RM1.5k).

The MGA Golf Insurance

This unique insurance package is offered as a bundle with every GoGolf Money Prepaid card issued.

Because we understand the needs of every golfer, it is important to have peace of mind, safety and sense of security on the course. That's the reason why this customized package provides extensive coverage designed with the golfer in mind. Find out more about the MGA Golf Insurance here.

Who do I call to make a claim?

Contact: Zurich Customer Service Center: 1-300-888-622.

Operation Hours: 8.30am-5.15pm Mondays-Fridays

(except public holidays and weekends)

How am I getting my 3-mth extension?

Details of the 3-month extension will be provided to you once your application is approved.

The extension is only applicable & valid for the 1st 10,000 Early Bird applicants.

Is the Golf Insurance recognised globally?

Yes. It's valid throughout Malaysia and valid worldwide. Now you don't have to worry no matter where you're playing golf, knowing you're always protected.

Why consider the GoGolf Money Prepaid Card?

Why do I need a GoGolf Prepaid card?

At MGA, we've decided to simplify everything into one card. Everything that a golfer would need to enjoy the game and more.

The GoGolf prepaid card incorporates the MGA Associate membership, golf handicap, bundled with golf insurance, payment method, access to more golf clubs, convenience of online & mobile booking to rewards and incentives.

Why do I get with my GoGolf Prepaid card?

With every GoGolf Prepaid card, you will be issued a new GoGolf Membership number, this new membership number entitles you to a wide variety of MGA-GoGolf benefits & rewards.

The GoGolf Money Visa Prepaid card does not require the applicant to have a bank account, thus simplifying your application process.

For golf bookings, am I restricted to using the prepaid card to make my payments & bookings?

No. You have the option to make payments with other Credit Cards and/or Online Banking FPX transfers as well.

However, by using your GoGolf Money Visa Prepaid card for payments and bookings, you will receive more incentives.

Where do I top-up my GoGolf Prepaid card?

We've made it simple for you. We have many top-up options available for you whether via Online Banking FPX, at over 3,300 CIMB Bank ATM/Cash Deposit machines, or at 16,000 e-Pay terminals nationwide.

It's so simple! You can top-up and manage all the card features online at www.finexuscards.com.

Additionally, your (future) loyalty and rewards will be topped-up into your GoGolf Prepaid card.

Can I use my GoGolf Prepaid card to make other purchases (i.e. outside the GoGolf programme)?

Yes. The GoGolf Prepaid is like any VISA prepaid card. You can use it anywhere in the world, so long as they accept VISA.

What if I use my GoGolf Prepaid card only for the membership purposes and use my other credit cards for payment in the programme?

Yes, you even have that option. But why would you do so, when you already have everything in one card.

Does the Prepaid card come with cash topped-up in the card?

No, it does not. To use the card, you will need to top-up your balances.

Where can I obtain the Terms & Conditions for the Prepaid card?

Click on this link to download the Money Prepaid T&Cs.